Rezvani Beast Alpha Doors Are A Must-See

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Supercar builder, Rezvani unveiled its very latest and innovative model, the Beast Alpha, at this year’s L.A. car show. The work of art is actually a $200,000, 500-horsepower, cousin of the Beast 2-seat roadster.

While the Beast Alpha is just a little bit slower to 60 mph than the roadster, it takes 3.2 seconds with this sequential automatic in comparison to the 2.7 seconds in the regular Beast. The real reason for this is probably that the additional 300 pounds that the coupe carries. Yet the Beast Alpha does get a few additional nice features in return.

We also want to mention here that the Beast Alpha, even though it carries the extra weight, is not a necessarily a heavy car. It weighs in at just about 1,950 pounds. As for those more livable upgrades, the major and most obvious one has got to be the covered roof, which additionally happens to be removable, so that you can still feel some air through the cockpit area.

It is likely that the hardtop does improve some of the aerodynamics as well, since the Beast Alpha has an impressive top speed of 175 mph, compared to the roadster’s 165 mph top-end speed. The additional power is likely going to impact your auto insurance.  A top insurance agent in Laguna Hills California indicates that finding the best car insurance in Laguna Hills for next-to-nothing is going to be challenging because of the excessive power that these vehicles possess. In other words,  “You’ve just got to pay to play.”

The 2nd innovative feature is that obvious when one gets in or out. Rezvani has nicely equipped this vehicle with doors that may have truly realized the final frontier when it comes down to door-opening mechanics. They are called “SideWinder” doors, and they do pop out and then slide forward. Like on a Koenigsegg, you will want to make sure that you stay away from other vehicles and higher curbs when attempting to park.


Dating Website Scam Artist Caught

Timothy Russell.  (Franklin County Sheriff’s Department)

Recently, a Missouri male was arrested and then charged with four counts of identity theft as well as one count of impersonating a federal police officer after he allegedly posed as a U.S. Marshals to con several women into buying him luxury automobiles.

KMOV-TV reported on Saturday that Tim Rossell, 28, attracted some suspicions when he was found driving around Union, Missouri in a $200k white Lamborghini Gallardo.

Rossell apparently began dating ladies in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Union, Missouri after meeting them through a popular matchmaking service, Plenty-of-Fish, authorities said. Rossell actually convinced each of the females to purchase for him a luxury car in which he would drive around and then eventually sell. However, he claimed the cars were actually stolen.

Rossell persuaded his victims to believe that he was a U.S. Marshall as well as a paramedic. He additionally had a U.S. Marshall ID card as well as a ballistic vest, according to KMOV-TV.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reported that Rossell had been residing with his fiancée for approximately 9 months. The fiancé thought Rossell was Deputy U.S. Marshall Austyn Gardner. Without her understanding, he had started the creation of 3 credit card accounts along with a PayPal account under her name.

According to KMOV-TV, Rossell also convinced her to purchase him a Cadillac Escalade, a Ford Mustang Shelby, along with a Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeled motorcycle.

After she had confronted Rossell about this, he sped off in his Lamborghini. That is when the lady called authorities, and the U.S. Marshall realized that his IDs were false and that he hadn’t even been in this profession, according to the sources.

Sgt. John Bisher additionally communicated to the TV station that Rossell had convinced another lady from Ft. Myers, Florida to buy him a  Corvette and a Lamborghini Gallardo

The Ft. Myers, Florida lady, knew Roselli as Deputy U.S. Marshall Austyn Labella. The woman understood that Rossell was in Illinois since his Lamborghini blown a tire. Police then found him in Effingham attempting to purchase a bus ticket, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The online scam was just one of many fraudulent cases that Rossell had been a part of.

His name was listed on as Rosselli, but he told U.S. Magistrate Judge John Bodenhausen on Thursday that his actual name was Rossell.

While using the name Rosselli, he had racked up active arrest warrants in two Missouri counties. One in Gasconade County in 2012 for a felony theft case as well as another in Ste. Genevieve County in 2013 involving a misdemeanor theft case involving two small dogs. He had an active open arrest warrant for a Franklin County case in a 2013 theft incident involving rental property.

The paper said that Pennsylvania court records showed an additional alias for him, Remington Rosselli. He had pleaded guilty to theft by deception and other charges and also violated his parole there. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported on Jan. 2014 that he attempted to assume the identity of a Pennsylvania constable and a Missouri state trooper.



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