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What Is My Transmission? And What Is Involved In Replacing It?


Have you ever wondered what you would do if your car needed a Transmission Repair? This subject often strikes fear in the heart of many a car owner.   Here is some basic information on what a Transmission does and what the process is to have it replaced.

What Is A Transmission?

It’s a mechanical part that is joined to the back of the car engine. It sends the engine power to the drive wheels. It has a big job to do, as it makes sure the wheels get enough power to keep the engine in its required RPM range. It does this through a combination of gears such as first through fifth, park, neutral and reverse.

The workings of the transmission are vital to the operation of the vehicle. This is why it’s so important to keep your car well maintained with scheduled check-ups and flushes.  But sometimes things happen that can lead a car owner to need a transmission replacement. This is when your existing transmission is replaced with an entirely new one. Most likely, the “new” one will be a re-manufactured or rebuilt unit.

Transmission Replacement

When you’re in need of a transmission replacement, it’s crucial you make sure there is this compatibility. If not, some of the following problems could crop up:

  1. A speedometer that reads too low or too high.
  2. Shift points could be incorrect.
  3. There could be a complete transmission failure.

Repair shops don’t always like to rebuild the unit that is already in your car, simply because it takes so long to do. This, of course, will also make it very expensive. In order to do this, you must be sure it’s the car’s original transmission.

Nowadays, transmissions often last as long as the vehicle does. On older cars, some may give out at 80,000 miles.

How Much Does It Cost?

A transmission replacement can typically cost anywhere from $1,800-$3,500 depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle. Labor costs can be lower if you have the car repaired in a lower-salaried region.

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, be sure to check out the transmission. Without a complete maintenance record, you could be in for a hefty additional cost if the unit needs to be replaced. Take it to your mechanic for a thorough inspection before you purchase it.  If you can’t take it to a mechanic beforehand, do a test drive. There are a few signs that will indicate there’s trouble:

  1. Delayed engagement when shifting gears.
  2. Slipping of gears.
  3. The speed remains constant even though you step on the gas pedal.

Having a transmission replacement is somewhat like having an organ transplant. The organ must be compatible with the person’s body. A rebuilt transmission must also be compatible with the operating system of your vehicle. If it isn’t, problems could arise down the road.

There are YouTube Video’s that direct you through the process, but they aren’t for the novice.

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Buy Used Auto Parts


Used auto parts are already used interchangeable parts that are kept in an inventory and reused for the repair or replacement of similar failed units within an automated system. On the other hand new auto parts a directly sourced from manufacturers or certified approved dealers. When it comes to any form of repair, one of the most costly portion of the expense is purchasing of the required auto parts. Thus, it has come down to consideration whether to buy new ones or purchase already used auto parts. While most auto dealers maintain that it is best to buy new parts, there are times when actually purchasing used auto parts is the best fit for a given situation.

To decide the best option, you have to do is look at the pros and cons of both scenarios.

When trying to use new auto parts, here are the Pros and Cons to consider.


  • New auto parts come as a perfect direct fit for specific repairs or replacement because they tend to come manufacturer/authorized dealer recommended for your specific purpose.
  • New auto parts tend to come with extended warranty periods in case they break down during the warranty period.


  • They are more expensive compared to used auto parts.
  • In some instances new auto parts do require a waiting time before delivery from the manufacturers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Used Auto Parts


  • Cheap to purchase compared to new auto parts because they are often sold at discounted rates owing to the fact that they have experienced some wear.
  • A wide range of choices to choose from.
  • Sometimes used auto parts are the most convenient purchase especially in circumstances of classic cars whose new auto parts have stopped being produced


  • Used auto parts tend to have a compromised quality due to the fact that they have undergone a period of wear and tear during its past use.
  • In case of a break down or failure, used auto parts do not have a warranty.


Even aver examining all the above, it all comes down to personal choice, finances and goals. Before purchasing an auto part for any purpose first do analysis of its pros and cons. For example it does not make any sense buying used breaks for a car because of the risks involved; on the other hand purchasing a brand new tail light will not make much economic sense while you can replace with a used replica.

What Are The Best Types Of Parts To Buy On-Line?

Generally, there are thousands of small and big auto parts playing a role to enhance the speed and performance of the vehicle. The parts related to each other and many times the performance of one part also depends upon the other part. So, you can easily understand how important could be the smallest part of this machine. The scope of auto accessories is really wide where there are different auto parts for different vehicles and models which can be purchased online thus what are the best type of parts to buy on-line? Alpha & Omega brings you a few suggestions in this article.


Mirrors are one of the known auto parts that you can buy online (mostly side mirrors). The installation of these mirrors is relatively easy for you to install. Most of the times these mirrors tend to get damaged easier than the other part. However, you don’t to worry; this is because there is a wide range of these parts online where you can choose from the different model at a moderate price. Mirror usually help in enhancing the entire appearance of the car and also help in enhancing driving performance and also diving safety.


Light is another auto part that you can buy online. Online has a wide selection of light and also different models. The selection of light comprises of fog light, turn signal light, taillights, corner light, headlights and also backup lights. This light usually keeps your driving safety. However, stores do not have comprised all this selection thus; the only option is to purchase the auto part online. What you have to know is the right model for your car.

Cabin air filters

Most of the car manufacturers always recommend people to replace their used cabin air fillers after a distance of 30000 miles. This is to keep pollen, allergens and also dust out of the entire cabin. Online there is a huge selection of available cabin air filters, thus you can make the collection of your model.

Oxygen sensor

Usually, the oxygen sensor is always essential in improving the mileage of the vehicle and also the performance of the car mainly by ensuring an effective mixture of fuel and also air. These parts are small but extremely expensive on stores thus; the only option is to purchase these parts through online since you can be able to compare prices and realize a significant saving.

Generally, the above are some of the common and also known parts that you can effectively purchase online. Purchasing online is always effective and also significant thus making it a good option for you.

Best place to buy car parts online

and what parts you should avoid…


Despite the convenience of online stores, car owners still face the challenge of knowing the best auto parts to buy online and the online stores to get them from. Though most stores market their products and the best and even provide incentives such as discounts to customers, determining if they are trustworthy can be difficult. Even with a good online store offering authentic and high quality parts, it’s always advisable to avoid buying some parts online.

Some of the best auto parts to buy online include converters that help with the conversion of harmful waste produce into less harmful ones, components that help with cooling the air such as condenser and evaporator as well as rear view and side view mirrors. Other parts one should buy online are doors and windows, wheels and bumpers. These external parts are usually easily available so finding the right model for your vehicle shouldn’t be hard. With the uncertainty that comes with online shopping, buying these parts don’t usually have bad repercussions even if you end up getting used parts. This is why you should strictly buy external parts or internal parts that aren’t directly associated with the safety of the car users.

In the same manner, it’s always advisable to avoid buying other parts online especially those that deal with safety of the car directly. Parts such as seat belts, air bags, brake parts like pads and switch, and electronic sensors that monitor system problems should only be bought at onsite sores where you can be sure of what you’re getting. Avoid buying engine parts online as well. You should also make sure you only buy brand new one as opposed to used parts.

When purchasing auto parts online, make sure you look for best place to buy car parts online. Only go to stores that have a proven track record of selling the best parts. Reading reviews and asking a few friends and family is always helpful with such. You should also know the specific make, model and size of the parts you’re looking for in order to make the transaction process easier. Though taking advantage of the discounts and other offers these sites have is a great idea, try to look into the specification details of the parts you need instead of rushing to make the purchase. Other than in cases where you intend to do the replacement or repairs yourself, you should always consult a professional mechanic such as Drive Thru Car Care and follow their advice to avoid further problems.

Should You Only Buy Parts from a Dealer?

It’s always a dilemma when you need parts for your car. Whether to buy from the authorized dealer who will sell you OEM made parts or to rely on the auto parts chain store / local store.

Before we go into the comparison Chester River Automotive wants you to understand the term OEM. This expands to Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are the ones who made the parts originally for the vehicle and continue to do so. They normally supply only to the vehicle manufacturers or to the authorized dealer / service center of that particular brand of vehicle.

Other than the OEMs there are a host of others who manufacture for the aftermarket – that means for the chain stores or the brick and mortar shop near you.

So, who do you go to when you need a part? There is no one answer for this question.

Firstly, we need to know that the OEM parts sold through the dealer is way more expensive than those sold in the aftermarket shops. But they are exactly the same parts that originally went into your car.

Many car companies demand to see the damaged part or parts when you send your car for a replacement during warranty period. If they find that there was an aftermarket product that was somewhere in the assembly that failed, they could deny you free warranty replacement or repair.

Though they are prevented by law to deny you free warranty or service just because an aftermarket part was used, they can still deny you the warranty if they can prove that the aftermarket part was responsible for the failure.

So, it makes sense to buy OEM parts for your vehicles under warranty.

What about the aftermarket products. Many of the aftermarket parts are of equally good quality. And they are economical to buy. There are many reputed chain stores that sell these products. Mostly they sell good quality product because it affects their reputation to sell bad products. Also, they have a very long-standing relationship with the manufacturers, who are depended on the stores to sell what they make. Hence, you can trust parts purchased from these stores.

It is also a fact that some of the aftermarket products are better than original, in that they make slight improvements for a better performance.

If your vehicle is of an older model it is more likely that you will the part difficult to buy from the authorized dealer. They like to stock parts of latest models which are fast-moving. For these vehicles the best place is to go for aftermarket parts.

You could always take the help of the various forums online for better information on specific parts, before you make your final decision. There are so many auto enthusiasts out there to help you.

Disadvantages Of Buying Car Parts Online

Maintaining and repairing a car is exorbitant, so individuals take the restorative instead of the preventive approach when it should be the other way. However, with a couple of hacks, you can spare some cash in your efforts to maintain and repair your car. One approach to diminish costs on servicing your car is to purchase the car parts yourself to avoid mark-ups by buying from the shop directly.  With the surge of technological development, you can even shop for car parts online. This further trims down your costs and accompanies extra advantages. brings you these thoughts to keep in mind.

Are there disadvantages to buying parts online?

Takes time

Due to delivery, it might take some time before your parts reach you. Also, when you buy online, it’s best to ensure that every one of the parts you requested (specifications included) are right and exact. This will avoid shipping the things back and delaying the servicing time of your car repair.

There may be mismatch of a specification

It’s essential to get the specifications of your car parts correctly. You need to make sure that the parts you purchase will fit your car. This may be a hindrance for the individuals who are not knowledgeable in car parts since they wouldn’t know if the part fits until they or the repairman try it.

Parts might be prone to harm during shipping

Another detriment of purchasing car parts online is that they are more inclined to damage during delivery. You do not want to get your dispatched box just to open it and find that your parts have been harmed, regardless of how minor the harms may be. To avoid this, ensure you purchase from trusted online shops. You can read previous customer reviews and feedback to check whether the online shop has a history of conveying harmed parts. If not, then go ahead and purchase online.

Dangers of not knowing the provider

This is likewise one of the perils of purchasing a car parts online. You must make sure that the organization or site isn’t into extortion. Online purchasing incorporates widespread cheating that defrauds many individuals around the globe. Check the website for realness before purchasing anything.

Spending more cash on delivery charges

Delivery charges and expenses are sometimes excluded in the costs that are posted on the site. This is a risk in purchasing online. Rather than sparing cash, you may end up spending more.


As specified above, there are many hacks to lessen costs with regards to car repairs, one of which is to search for car parts online. Although purchasing car parts online has its advantages, it likewise has its inconveniences. Every individual, car, and circumstance is different, so buying car parts online relies on the specific case of a person.


Should I buy car parts off the internet or only in the store?

Whether your car is new or old, maintenance is of utmost importance. Sometimes the vehicle might reach a point where parts need an overhaul, and that usually raises the question of where to buy the parts. Normally, cautious car owners prefer to look for dealerships, where they are certain of getting original replacement parts. brings you this guideline to help you make a decision on what parts to purchase.

Another avenue for finding the parts would be on the internet, which a lot of people now prefer, despite the fact that the parts are mostly aftermarket. But, despite being aftermarket, some of them are better quality than OEM parts. And even so, shopping online brings about more convenience, as opposed to driving to several dealerships and not getting the part you want.

Guideline for Buying Auto Parts Online

Purchasing parts online is never a bad idea, but their factors you should consider if you want a good buying experience, and also if you want a guarantee of buying the right product.

1. Research

There are various websites selling aftermarket parts. Once you open these websites, find out if they have the particular product you are looking for, and note down the price. Compare the price against those on other websites. When comparing costs, pay attention to details like delivery costs, which may vary from website to website. Be keen to also note if the website ships the product to your location, as not all of them deliver everywhere. Comparing prices helps you establish a proper budget for the transaction.

2. Verify the Product with Its Manufacturer

Most websites sell products from other manufacturers. It is therefore up to you as a buyer to know who manufacturers the part you want to purchase. After you have identified them, take time to contact them and request more information about the product. If they confirm that the site sells the product then you know it’s genuine, and you can proceed to purchase.

3. Verify Warranty Details

Aftermarket parts also come with warranties. Since your transaction will be online, never forget to contact the seller to get more information regarding the warranty. The websites rarely take responsibility for repairs, so they should explain how you will follow up the warranty with the manufacturer.


The internet has become a global marketplace where you can find anything for your car, whether it’s new tires or windows. It is nonetheless the duty of every online shopper to dedicate enough time and resources to research when figuring out the most suitable aftermarket parts for their vehicle, as well as the right online shop to buy from.

How to Buy Auto parts Online, without Wasting Money

Most of us tend to go to a mechanic when we need a car part replaced. In most cases, it’s the mechanic who tells us what is to be done and actually is the one who ends up replacing the parts. But is he entirely true to his word? Are the new parts he installed any good? To avoid this confusion some people buy car parts on their own. And then they get overcharged. Here will show you what not to do when buying auto parts to save money.

The best option to buy any auto part online without wasting money is to negotiate. You can find something online, and then compare it at different websites. Now that you have the cheapest options, of course these will include postage prices as well. Here is where you save money. You can go to a local shop and find out if they have the part that you require. Now it’s time to put your negotiating skills to the test and get the best price out of them.

There are many sellers on Craigslist, and Ebay. But make sure that you choose someone who is a regular seller instead of a one off seller. You see, someone who is selling just one car part without any prior record on the website has no guarantee of refund, or quality policy. There may be good people trying to sell stuff that they don’t have any use for anymore, but how would you know right?

Keep an eye out for those coupons. When you visit a website to buy an auto part, it may not show a coupon option. But there are websites dedicated towards providing coupons for various other websites. You can get free delivery or $30 off an item. Won’t that be sweet? Buying your auto part from someone else other than your car’s dealer voids the warranty? That is false and bad information on your car dealer’s part.

Forums are another source of great information. The best thing here is that people have personal opinion and experiences when they are telling you something. You can go to a forum dedicated to your car’s model and seek out their help. If you don’t find something on forums, you can use social media, another booming source of information.

You can buy auto parts online without wasting money by investing in aftermarket parts. Buying original parts from your auto dealer can be expensive. Aftermarket parts which are duplicated of the original are a good option. In some cases the original parts can have a genuine manufacturing fault which the aftermarket manufacturer has solved. This can save you tons and still give you better quality than the original.

Top 10 List Of Aftermarket Car Parts Manufacturers


When looking for great car parts, you can either go the traditional way of looking for them in the original manufacturer stores or you can go one better and search for these parts in the aftermarket car parts. One great advantage with searching for these spare parts in the aftermarket car parts is that you are likely to get similar quality for half the price. In this article, shall bring you a look at the top 10 list of aftermarket car parts manufacturers.

1. AC Schnitzer

With an average score of 4.85 stars out of a possible 5, it is clear to see why the AC Schnitzer ranks high in the list of aftermarket car parts manufacturers. Their main focus is BMW and with an experience spanning more than 25 years, we can only expect more from them in terms of service delivery.

2. AMS Performance

Though the brains behind the formation of this aftermarket car manufacturer intended to focus on the AMS 2.3 Turbo Ford Cam, the company has seen massive improvements from that initial goal and id now focused on more dynamic car parts. They may have been around for just under 2 decades but with their consistent upgrades, they will surely give the big names in the industry a run for their money.


BRABUS was founded in 1977 and one of its trademarks has been the building of luxury and high-performance vehicles. They are also known for their passion for audio multimedia systems and one thing car enthusiasts like about them is their flexibility as they can deal with just about any vehicle brand.

4. Carlsson Tuning

Carlsson Tuning specializes in the tuning of Mercedes and one of their focus points is to see to it that Mercedes owners have a car whose functions they can personalize according to their own needs. From interiors to aerodynamics and performance for all Mercedes makes, this company founded in 1989 will remain one of the most sought-after aftermarket car spare parts around.

5. Hennessey

Hennessey, for a very long time now, have been one of the industry leaders when it comes to car tuning. And perhaps what sets them apart from the rest is the fact that their tuned cars boast far more power than the power the car came with when you first purchased it. And now, the company also does the distribution of their own cars and does the shipping of certain dealerships like the Hendrick Cadillac.

6. Kaizen Motorsports

If you are looking for high-performance engine management systems, then Kaizen Motorsports is the place to look. Their specialty is Lexus and Toyota and though they are among the most recent entrants into the market, having been around since 2004, they have already earned an unrivalled reputation.

7. Lexani

Lexani focuses on their unique forged wheels but they also deal with the enhancement of luxury parts within your vehicle. Due to their high-end enhancement services, Lexani has been a household name even in renowned publications such as Forbes and the New York Times. The California-based company has only been around since 2010 but their desire for excellent craftsmanship has made them one of the most popular aftermarket spare parts manufacturers the world over.

8. RTW Motoring

Though not really a tuning manufacturer, RTW Motoring will normally make it to such a list, and for the right reasons. RTW Motoring focuses on tuned up supercars and their close association with big brands such as Lorinser and Mansory is another thing that vouches for their excellent craftsmanship. The company was founded in 1972 and still features high among the best dealers in aftercare car parts.


This company deals with Land Rovers and Jaguars and one good thing about them is that aside from enhancing such cars beyond the imagination of the manufactures, they also offer some great bargains for their customers. The company always has some upcoming offers too.


Last but not least, TECHART offers what ordinary car owners are looking for; turning your ordinary car into something glamorous and enviable. They focus on enhancing the exterior designs of Porsches and depending on your individual tuning requirements, you are sure to find something that matches your tastes.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Parts. Which is the Best Way to Go?

When you buy a new car, you obviously don’t expect it to stay new forever. At some point, you will likely need to replace some of its parts. It could be the belt, tire or the battery. When this time comes, you might get torn between deciding whether to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket parts. In this article, we at will discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of using aftermarkets parts which will help you decide what choice is best for your car.

So, what are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarkets parts are parts of a vehicle that do not originate from the manufacturer. These parts are designed to play the role of the original parts, but they tend to be cheaper. However, they range in terms of quality and price.It is vital to ensure that you get these parts from a reputable and trustworthy brand that is more compatible with your vehicle otherwise you might end up losing a lot of money in the long run.

The cost of OEM Vs. Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts in most cases tend to be cheaper than the OEM replacements. However, the prices of these aftermarket parts depend on the brand of the parts. Unfortunately, using the aftermarket parts may be costly in the long run as most of them are likely to be poor in quality hence they are also likely to wear out quickly.

The Quality of the OEM Vs. the Aftermarket parts

There are numerous companies in the market producing these aftermarket parts all claiming to offer the best in terms of quality. The decision however solely lies in the hands of the car owner to conduct enough research before purchasing these parts. On the other hand, the OEM parts are simpler to choose since there is only one part that can be used.

Brand is important

The brand of aftermarkets is extremely important. Professionals recommend that one should avoid generic parts and those without a brand name as they appear to be unpredictable. Branded aftermarket parts tend to be consistent in terms of price and performance.

Which Is the best way to go?

All aftermarket parts are not similar, but all OEM parts are. When you are familiar with a certain brand of aftermarket parts that work on your car can save you a lot of money. If you are new and are not well conversant with aftermarket brands, OEM will be a great choice for you.

If your car is less than four years old, OEM will be a great choice. A car that is more than four years old, aftermarkets parts can be a great choice to keep the car much longer.